The 2 Million dollar website for the FRONT END DESIGNER

ByModels of Identity

By employing this website, you are saving millions of dollars in development time, graphic design work, design system development, QA testing and deployment. You are getting access to designer resources that have saved modern designers many headaches and having to do it "from scratch" This is an arsenal of resources for the designer who is resourceful, creative and mostly: PRACTICAL. This is not about being artsy or cute, this is about being able to create digital goods and services in a fast way using the best work from the best people.

Multi-theme illustration freebies

Browse to find the images that fit your needs and click to download. Use the on-the-fly color image generation to match your project's identity.

Shoelace - style library with agnostic components

This resource is sort of a bootstrap with some additional powers, the documentation site is also slick and you can get started with rather rapidly.

The most powerful ICON Library ever, period.

Are you friking nuts trying to create web icons? Stop the insanity and simply plug in Material Icons from Google.

Simple and highly customizable CSS PATTERNS 

Take a look at this minimalistic yet beautiful CSS components library. An agnostic design system that you can reskin the way you like.

One Line LAYOUTS and how to do them the modern way

Total FLEXGRID for any project

Because you deserve to jump into real CSS, this magical grid is all baked-in for your project.

You won't believe how old is the oldest PIECE OF SOFTWARE until you read this

There is software out there that belong to the times of your granpa, he probably heard about this...

GRID by Example

Learn to use CSS grid with simple examples that you can reuse and recreate yourself. No need for extensive documentation, simply try the examples and get your grid going.

Input modes: how to trigger different keyboards in Mobile phones

Now we can "hint" the browser what virtual keyboard we want to show on mobile devices without forcing the browser to change the visuals of the input. (unlike with input="number" for example)

Amp framework for fast web mobile pages

AMP is a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money. AMP provides long-term success for your web strategy with distribution across popular platforms and reduced operating and development costs.

Go back in time with the mega RETRO Keyboard

It is the reality, all new keyboards look like they come from the future, or a star wars movie, but what about batman from the 60's? that's the piece of machinery we're talking about.

The Nightmares of Web Design and how to overcome them: An essential guidebook for UI/UX designers

a the social coding platform

Because there is no need to pull the text editor when you can have a playground on the browser

Anime JS power

Make things move with this library that can be plugged anywhere

OnSEEN Framework: The solution for building native-like web applications and sites.

The fastest way to develop beautiful HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps Experience streamlined development with zero-time setup, using the technologies you already know and love - Javascript, HTML and CSS.

A rich variety of UI components specially designed for mobile apps. Onsen UI provides tabs, side menu, stack navigation and tons of other components such as lists and forms. They all have iOS and Android Material design support, with automatic styling that will change the appearance of the app based on the platform. With Onsen UI you can truly support both Android and iOS with the same source code.

Classless: the CLASS FREE framework

Remember when CSS was made to stylize HTML? when did we get into the rabbit hole of applying tons of useless classes to each div? - Time to step back to the roots.

The power of serverless

Making websites without a server makes no sense but... serverless is the hot sauce now.

Beautiful loaders for your WEB

Instead of letting your users wait like idiots, trick them up with spinners so they are distracted while your unnesesarily heavy-page loads up

DIVLESS: The CSS Microlibrary that doesn't require DIVS

The Brutalism trend has tought us to design raw, to use the the naked materials of the HTML and create sites that are not decorated nor shiny, this framework somehow does what it needs to do: allows you to focus on content, minimal css and almost zero class names to take care of.

Codrops Playground: Beautiful and inspiring examples of UI/UX 

One of the classic web designer resources full of freebies, references and insightful ideas for designers.

VR for the WEB with a-frame

Virtual reality and augmented reality blend in one single place: A-Frame. Create virtual worlds with markup and re-invent the way 3d spaces are created: Just as if you were designing a website.

Flat icons for the years to come with FLATICON

This resource offers a wealth of free icons that otherwise will cost thousands of dollars, check them out and have fun using tese icons in your projects.